5-Day Media Host Announcer Training Challenge

The Challenge To Finally Get Your Passion On Track And Become A Media Host Announcer

Course Summary

Let's do this! Get on this 5-Day Announcer Training Challenge

5 Days of Learning!!

These 5 days goes over all of your preparations needed to pull off what may seem like the impossible at this moment. It breaks it down into baby steps so you too can see you path clearly to becoming a professional announcer.

Included are checklists, surveys, and there are informative quizzes with each lesson and lots of exciting assignments for you to interact with.

Whether you are looking to completely change your career or have a second job announcing, this 5-Day Announcer Training Challenge is for you.

What Will You Learn?

    • How to properly use a microphone 
    • How to be professional in front of a camera 
    • How to develop your unique style 
    • Learn vital speaking techniques 
    • How to deliver your information and condense content for quick reading  
    • How to be proactive and problem solve   
    • Learn preparation checklists 
    • Develop your personal presence delivery 
    • The do’s and don’t when working with other announcers 
    • How to break into the world of media   

Skill Level: Beginner 


    • You will need to know how to record your voice
    • You will need to know how to record yourself
    • You need a timer

Course Curriculum

Brad Jay

Learn from the best, Brad Jay. He has been the X Games Announcer for the past 20 years. Brad Jay currently hosts The Biggest Action Sports and Sporting Events in The World, including The Olympic Winter Games, ABC's World of X 2015, X Game's Aspen & X Game's Austin, Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus Live, and The ESPY's Red Carpet. In The NBA Brad Jay was the On-Court MC for The Los Angeles Clippers for 7 years. Brad spent 5 years as The Los Angeles Dodgers Music Director/Announcer. He was also The ESPN/ABC TV Host for The US Open Snowboard Championships 2010 & 201. Brad Jay has worked for 4 different Olympic Games (2002, 2004, 2010 & 2014). Music Director in 2002 & 2004 and Brad was The English Snowboard Announcer for Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and Sochi Olympic Winter Games 2014.

In Santa Barbara Brad Jay Host's a Classic Rock Radio Show 99.9 ktyd 6pm - 12am PST mon-fri. Brad Jay on Social Media "Bradjaymc". All this and with over 13 years Voice Over Experience with ESPN, ABC, RedBull, Disney, and The Olympic Games.

Specialties: TV, Webcast and Live Host for all Action Sports
and Mainstream Sports. Over 15 years of live event, webcast, and voice
over experience, also an award-winning Radio Talent. As an Announcer
Brad Jay thrives in Skateboarding, Moto Cross, Snowboarding, MTB, Rally
Car, Skiing, Surfing, BMX, NBA Basketball, MLB Baseball, and many others.

Konni Kline


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. Thank you!!